Ben Cherniavsky, President

Ben joined the WTA in March 2019 and was appointed President at the AGM in November 2020. In addition to being a part of the Whistler tennis community for many years, Ben is also a member of Jericho Tennis Club in Vancouver where he has served in the past on various committees. Ben is married with two kids and resides part-time in Whistler. His son Ryan (15) is a competitive junior and is often seen on the court at the Whistler Racket Club. Professionally, Ben spent 22 years in the capital markets business as an Equity Research Analyst at Raymond James Ltd., a global investment bank. In the fall of 2020 he retired from the firm to pursue opportunities as a corporate director. He currently sits on the Advisory Board of Norland Limited and on the Board of Directors for Toromont Limited.

Andrew Ross, Vice President

I am very passionate about tennis. The details and nuances of the game of tennis keep me forever captivated. I competed in USTA tennis in Northern California. In 2012, I moved to Whistler where I gained the best coaching I have ever had. In 2016, I worked with Kirk Paterson and Lynda Harmish to create the Whistler Tennis Association; I have held  executive positions ever since. I also offer a strong corporate background. I worked in the computer field in California and Ontario and previously for several industrial fortune 500 companies. In Whistler, I am on several boards and committees. It is a great place to live. Certainly,  tennis has been a big part of my life in Whistler.  

John Konig

In 1992, I decided to take a winter off work and ski in Whistler. It was an epic season. I skied almost every day but it was during my first summer that I became convinced that Whistler would be my new home. I joined the Whistler Valley Tennis Club on the shores of Nita Lake and met my future wife. We played a lot of tennis together and even won a few tournaments. I volunteered to help out on the board that managed the facility and eventually became the club president.

Unfortunately, we lost that great community club when the Nita Lake Lodge was approved for development, but fortunately the new Whistler Racket Club had just opened. We kept the Whistler Valley Tennis Club, a non-profit organization, active because we knew that the WRC was a temporary facility and that the owners of the property would make an application for a new development. We wanted to make sure that it included a viable multipurpose tennis centre.

In 2004, the property owners, the Holborn Group, began the process. Whistler’s mayor at the time, Ken Melamed, invited representatives of Whistler’s tennis players to a seat at the table. I was a member of the team. The process took three years and in the end we negotiated a good deal, a twelve court indoor/outdoor tennis centre that had space other activities, such as squash, gym, pool, lounge, and restaurant/bar. The Holborn Group did not move forward with the development due to the financial crisis in 2008.

Three years ago a new non-profit, the Whistler Tennis Association, was formed to take up the baton from the Whistler Valley Tennis Club. I was elected to the board to advocate, once again, for an indoor/outdoor racket club. Pickleball was now on the scene in a big way. I served two terms as president and I am now back at my role as advocate.

My life long career began as a television news cameraman. I then became a television news producer. I was based in England and had the privilege to cover many of the major international news stories for many years. When I decided to live in Whistler, I went back to my role as a cameraman and shot documentaries for the BBC. I am now happily retired. My only involvement with the news is the odd letter to the editor.

Esther Gorman

Whistler has been my permanent residence since 1984. For many winters before making the move I spent as much time here as I could skiing on the slopes.
I love living here and I participate in many outdoor activities. I  feel privileged to enjoy all that Whistler has to offer. In 1984 , my first summer here, I joined the Whistler Valley Tennis Club which was located on Nita Lake. Joining the club helped me to meet the local residents and to begin to feel like a member of the community. In fact, most of my friends today, including my husband, I met at the WVTC and through the sport of tennis. I became a WVTC board member and helped to organize many social and competitive events at the Nita Lake courts. Over the years I have organized both mixed doubles and ladies doubles weekly round robins at the WRC.
In 2018 I joined the Whistler Tennis Association Board because I truly believe that the indoor/outdoor tennis centre is an integral part of our community.  A vibrant tennis club and the sport of tennis is a positive asset to the social, physical and mental health of our community.

Jed Brezer, Treasury

Jed joined the WTA in 2020 and was appointed Treasury. In addition to being a part of the Whistler tennis community for many years, Jed is also a member of Arbutus Club in Vancouver where he has been involved in the tennis community for many years. Jed is married with two kids and resides part-time in Whistler. His son Dawson (14) is a competitive ranked junior. Professionally, Jed has worked for 17 years as an Investment Advisor at  BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.  Jed has been part of the Whistler community for over 35 years, including working for Whistler Mountain as a ski instructor.

Uros Budimac

Over the past fifteen years, Uros has been in two major leadership roles in the Vancouver tennis community. He spent eight years managing the tennis department at Hollyburn Country Club, and thereafter the last three and a half years running the tennis department at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club. He is a member of Tennis BC and Tennis Canada in good standing, and the BC representative on the Tennis Professionals Association (Tennis Canada) Advisory Committee. Uros has presented at Local and National Tennis Conferences, and is considered to be a leader for development of the game in Canada. 

Uros also recently launched an exciting new site: – go check it out!

Michael D’Artois

Whistler resident since 1975  Participated in the first Whistler Valley Tennis Society in 1978.In 1992 when Bjorn Borg teamed up with Christian Dogimont and ParkGeorgia Developments Whistler was ensured a world class tennis facility. We are now at risk of losing this tourist generating opportunity.  Tennis has been an important part of our community for more than 100 years. 

Charles Kattau

Tennis is my #1 passion. And having a community to share that passion with is a massive priority in my life. Having grown up in the quiet countryside of Hampshire, UK, I’ve grown up with having a close-nit local tennis community. Leaving that behind was like leaving a family behind!

5 years later, being part of the Whistler tennis community has been fantastic! So many amazing people to enjoy the game with.

My personal reasons for being on the WTA committee is to get a voice out there in the local (and wider) community. Get all ages, genders and walks of life involved.

Lets get a long term, sustainable, fun and thriving tennis community going in Whistler, with an exceptional (yet affordable) club facility to go with it!