The Holborn Property, the location of Whistler’s only tennis club, has sold. The new owners, the Beedie Group, have plans for redevelopment. We don’t know if those plans include maintaining the existing tennis facility or building a new one. We need your support to ensure the developer and our elected representatives understand the importance of tennis to the resort and community.

Organized tennis in Whistler has been an important asset to the community for at least 38 years. In 1979, the Whistler Valley Tennis Club was established on the shores of Nita Lake. It was a very active club, with a paid tennis professional, court bookings, round robins, tournaments and social events. By 1990 there were 250 members. We lost that site to redevelopment. It is now the Nita Lake Lodge instead of a waterfront park and tennis club. Fortunately, a new facility (Whistler Racquet Club)has existed since 1992 as part of the Montebello development.

Fast forward to today and we are again facing the threat of losing the facility. Please join us in our efforts to ensure that any future development includes a tennis club. Whether it is raining, snowing, or sunny, tennis is an important recreational asset for a healthy community and the reason many choose to visit or live in Whistler.

Please see the following 2019 Advocacy Report: Tennis in Whistler Securing the Next Century (1)